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Posted by on Oct 5, 2010 in Blog |

Coaching – A Skill Every Small Group Leaders Should Develop

Most of us have had a coach at some point in our lives–a sports coach, voice coach, drama coach, life coach–someone who helps us gain clarity on our goals and walks beside us, sometimes pushing us, as we make vision reality.  Many people today utilize coaches in their personal and professional lives: CEO’s, professional athletes, entrepreneurs, etc. And whether they know it or not, even more people are being a coach to someone else.  Coaching is a universal skill set that can have tremendous impact on the lives of your kids, coworkers, friends… …and your small group. Coaching skills are powerful within the context of a small group.  Rather than just being a place for people to vent, a small group that employs coaching practices can facilitate true life-change among its members.  And the great thing is that coaching utilizes many skills you already posses, but places them in a framework to maximum impact. That’s one of the reasons why Pleasant Ridge is hosting a Coaching Basics Workshop on...

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Posted by on Oct 3, 2010 in Blog |

Externally Focused Small Groups

I had the opportunity a couple of weeks ago to spend time with Eric Swanson, Leadership Community Director for Leadership Network and author of books such as The Externally Focused Church and his latest To Transform a City.  I asked Eric to talk about the importance of small groups in a church’s attempt to reach the community around them.  Listen to what he said: Think about this: What stands out to you the most from this video? What could your group commit to this year as a way to develop relationships with and serve those outside our church?Who are the “champions” within your...

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