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Posted by on Mar 23, 2011 in Blog |

3D Ministries

I came across a ministry this week called 3DM. I won’t get into what they’re all about. You can click on the link and check out their site. There are lots of resources and thought-provoking ideas there. But one of the elements of this ministry that caught my attention was the idea of “missional communities”. As I read about what this means for 3DM, I began to see much of our vision for small groups in what they were saying. In a post from Monday, this remark was made: The early church was structured so that people were given access to a household on mission that was still small enough to get close to the fire. Our churches are structured so that only the privileged few really get in on the action. This is the beauty of Missional Communities. Everyone has access to the fire of the infectious rhythms of the extended family on mission. One of the great opportunities presented by small groups is the ability to keep...

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Posted by on Mar 3, 2011 in Blog |

Looking to Take Your Group Deeper? Use Sub-Groups

If you’re aiming to keep you group a nice, comfy place where people can just have a nice chat and go home unchanged…don’t read this article. But if you really want to take advantage of the small group setting and promote real life-on-life ministry, take these words seriously. One of the most effective strategies for pushing beneath the surface and encouraging group qualities such as trust, intimacy, and accountability is sub-grouping. Sub-grouping is simply intentionally dividing your group into smaller groups of 3-4 for part of a group gathering. Why is it so effective (and, I would argue, necessary)? There are several reasons. One is what I would call the “Law of the Dominant Group Members”. Listen to how Mark Howell describes it: In any group the most dominant personalities do 80 to 90% of the talking. I like to say that the 5 most dominant personalities do 90% of the talking. It’s just a fact of group life. If you’ve got a group of 8, the 5 most...

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