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Posted by on Apr 24, 2013 in Small Group Resources |

3 Reasons Sermon Series Matter!

3 Reasons Sermon Series Matter!

Through out my tenure as GroupLife Pastor at Lifepoint Church we have continually had spring and fall sermon series campaigns (February – March; August- September).  This started in 2003 with Purpose Driven Life.  Each campaign brought the opportunity to start new small groups which opens up many opportunities for people to connect to a small group.  Before each campaign we conduct some form of GroupLink . (See Grouplink Again! and Grouplink @ Lifepoint )

As I personally meet with every small group leader in our Sunday morning Huddles this spring (see “My new practice to Disciple leaders“) I am learning a lot.  As leaders  share about their small groups a couple of common themes are surfacing:

-The 3-year mark: This is a stat that may not be limited to Lifepoint.  In the last 8 years we have discovered if a small group does not take on a high-level, ongoing service or add/send out people, then they will begin to implode.  So we have began to take action by discussion options with groups as they near 2.5 years of life together.

-Most Leaders remember what the sermon series was when they started their small group.  Sermon series are opportunities that we cannot ignore.  Can you remember what the sermon series was in January at your church?  Weekly leaders are discussing the series when their group started, what led to them deciding to start a group and many even remember the length of the series.

Why are sermon series so memorable for Leaders?

1. People want to join something new: the start of a new sermon series is a great time to start new groups.  It is a life-transforming decision for an individual for someone become a small group leader. Their lives are impacted heavily by moving from a spectator/member to leader/spiritual guide.  This makes for a life-long memory for the leader and possibly for the people who join their group.

2. Church united around common subject: There is a unique power and unity built when the church becomes focused for a short time on a sermon series which includes daily devotionals, small group studies and service opportunities.

3. Life-change has a beginning point: When leaders are enlisted for a new series they do not realize all that God has planned.  But a few years later that decision to become a leader and start a new group is identified as a clear moment of transformation beginning in their life.

I encourage you to work with your pastor to help plan life-changing sermon series opportunities.  Check out some of these:  Purpose Drive Life, Radical, Explicit Gospel