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Posted by on May 8, 2014 in Small Group Resources |

3 Steps to a Neighborhood Block Party

3 Steps to a Neighborhood Block Party

Each Summer Lifepoint Church encourages families to intentionally invest in their neighborhoods.  Sometimes this is walking the streets, lending a hand, borrowing tools, or cooking out together.  At least once a summer we help them throw Block Parties for fun and relationship building.  Here are three steps we encourage people to take to have a great experience.

1. Develop a team, don’t do this alone!  Several reasons this is #1: it sounds overwhelming to take on such a party by yourself so we eliminate that right up front.  Talk with a couple of other families (from your church or not) and develop a team to manage the party.   Why? Because
-You will need families in charge of various items below.
-You will encourager more people to attend by including more people in the planning.  -You will still have energy to get out of bed the day after the party.

2. inflatables, donuts eating contest, music, etc:  this is where the creative minds on the team really get excited.  For larger neighborhoods, find out if there is a Home Owners Association (HOA) if so, is there a socials budget?  For smaller gatherings, have team decide on activities, food, timing and entertainment.  Then assign each family some of these responsibilities.  We have 1 or 2 inflatables to keep kids and younger minded dads busy.  Someone is brings chips and grills hotdogs.  The party couple seems to always end up running the games and contests.

3. Email list: I don’t like to have a bunch of people together and not get their name or a way to communicate with them again.  So have a sign up sheet so they can get info about other neighborhood events, needs, emergencies, information, etc.  Keep the communication going because it is a part of building relationships.

Good luck!   And please share your Block Party story with me via comments on this blog.

Helpful resource for being Intentional in your neighborhood: Making Room for Neighbors by Max Lucado & Randy Frazee       making room for life