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Posted by on Apr 16, 2012 in Small Group Resources |

A Culture of Consumerism

A Culture of Consumerism

When I’ve heard pastors and church leaders talk, I get the feeling that we may have shot ourselves in the foot. That is, by communicating that small groups are all about meeting my needs for community, friendship, and spiritual growth, we’ve created a culture of consumerism. And when a group member doesn’t feel his or her needs are being met, leaders hear about it.

But is the main goal of small groups to cater to the needs of group members—to provide a safe place where they can gain friends and have fun? Or is the purpose of small groups a bit deeper?

This video from explains that sharing what we’ve been given is our true purpose. It states that “pouring them out onto the world around us might leave us with more than we thought.” Instead of trying to fill up my bucket more and more, it’s about sharing what I’ve got with others. And I want to ask you: how can we emphasize this in the way we market small groups?

How do we emphasize that small groups are a place to serve and give of ourselves so that we all experience more abundant growth? Share with us below.

give fast pray from Difted on Vimeo.