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Posted by on Nov 9, 2015 in Blog, Life |

A Focus on Giving Thanks

A Focus on Giving Thanks

Is seems that so much of our culture is focused on the negative.  Even the people that are supposed to be carriers of positivity and peace appear to be much more interested in turmoil and strife.  You don’t have to spend much time in this atmosphere of malaise before you begin to feel its effects, seeping deep into your bones, robbing you of the joy and contentment that once shined brightly within you.

It’s depressing.

As difficult as it can be at times, we must make the choice to see the world through different lenses.  Our focus must be steady and sure, otherwise our gaze will drift and our resolve weaken.  Its no easy task to be ‘other than’ what appears all around us.

But then things that really matter are seldom easy to attain.

So in a month where more of us turn our attention toward things we’re thankful for, at least more than what seems usual, I’ve made the commitment to be intentionally thankful.  It’s part of an overall effort to be less a consumer and more a creator in the weeks leading up to the Thanksgiving holiday.  My thinking is the more we choose to consume, the more we are focused on self and the less content we become.  In addition, I firmly believe, being created in the image of the Creator God, we were “created to create” and therefore carry within us an incredible ability to make beautiful things – art, poetry, music, prose, etc – if only we will spend more time feeding our creative abilities than our consumeristic tendencies.

My commitment is to repurpose a few hours each evening, to turn away consumerism and turn on creativity, contemplation, and thanksgiving.  One way I plan to ‘create’ is by writing.  I have dozens of ideas that have been stored but never put into words.  My hope is this season will revive my blog a bit, providing some thoughts that encourage and challenge those who might read it (thanks, mom!).

Actually, my mom doesn’t even know I have a blog.

There you have it, the first post of many in the weeks ahead.  I would invite and challenge you to think about the gifts you posses that can be used to create for others.  Be thankful for them.  Then dust them off and put them to work.  Who knows but perhaps your creation will have an impact on the life of another.

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