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Posted by on Oct 14, 2013 in Blog, Kingdom | 1 comment

Are You a Christian?

Are You a Christian?

Our Senior Minister, Dr. Doug Peters (@DrDougPeters) is wrapping up a series on discipleship.  In it, he contrasts what it means to be a ‘Christian’ and what it means to be a ‘follower of Christ’.  While one might assume the two mean the same thing, this series, along with the currents of our culture, have proven that you can identify as a ‘Christian’ without being a ‘disciple’.  So if you were to ask me, “Are you a Christian?”, my answer would likely be, “Well, let’s talk about that.”

Like it or not, as we have continued deeper into a post-Christian society, the term ‘Christian’ has become little more than a description of a special interest group, or some other demographic designation.  I think back to the movie Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves where Robin Hood is repeatedly called ‘Christian’ by the character Azeem (Morgan Freeman) merely because he is not Muslim.  Or a study we took part in last year where young Christians reflected on the reality that to many outside the Church, we’ve become nothing more than another political group, such as the GLBT.  Why is this so?  Is it because we have become largely ineffective at impact the world around us?  Is it because, as ‘Christians’, we look surprisingly similar to every other group in our culture?  Have we traded in our core distinctives for safety, security, and the benefits of some membership?

But to be a disciple of Christ is unmistakable.  It is unambiguous.  You either reflect his life, or you don’t.  You follow his path, or you don’t.  Am I a Christian?  I don’t know.  But I am a follower of Christ.

1 Comment

  1. Maybe the term “Christian” would gain its meaning and luster back if we, in general, stopped acting like just another political advocacy group. When we stop caring about the politics of everything, and just accept that we are an unusual group of people with unusual beliefs who act unusually towards other people.


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