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Posted by on Jun 4, 2014 in Blog, Life |

Are You a Generous Leader?

Are You a Generous Leader?

I came across a post on Vanderbloemen’s Insight’s blog outlining the 13 Characteristics of a Generous Leader.  Generosity, in this case, isn’t focused on money, but on other resources such as time and talent.  Here are the first six characteristics:

1. When they ask about how you or your family are doing, they actually listen to your answer. That’s the ministry of presence

2. They slow down to open the door for you so you can enter the room before them. This symbolizes their desire to put others before themselves

3. They stay late in the office to help you with your project approaching its deadline

4. They do the right thing in a situation regardless of the cost to them or their agenda

5. They have an openhandedness with their knowledge and resources

6. They are others-focused, not self-focused

Are you a generous leader?  When you read this list, who comes to mind?  Which of these represents your strengths as a leader?  How can you play to those strengths?  Any potential blind spots these characteristics bring to light?

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