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Posted by on Mar 5, 2012 in Blog |

Are You an Innovation Provocateur?

Are You an Innovation Provocateur?

When we talk about provocation, we usually do so in a negative sense.  However, when it comes to innovation in our individual lives or in the life of an organizations, sometimes we need to be provoked.  In the work with church leaders I get to be a part of at Leadership Network, we do a lot of healthy provoking.  We use targeted questions and challenging scenarios to bring the best ideas out of the individuals and teams in the room.  Over the past 5+ years I’ve been privileged to witness many breakthrough ideas and innovations that came as the result of careful provocation.

A new blog post over at one of my favorite sites, Innovation Excellence, highlights the importance of questions to the process of innovation.  But its not just enough to ask the questions.   As an individual or a team, you really need to immerse yourself in provocative questions for them to produce fruit.  Catch the brief article Innovation Provocateur over at Innovation Excellence.  Its a great, quick read.

What are the challenging questions you need to immerse yourself in to provoke innovation?

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