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Posted by on Feb 3, 2012 in Blog |

Beware of Fake Fruit! – New Post on the LN Blog

Beware of Fake Fruit! – New Post on the LN Blog

Here’s an excerpt from my latest post over at the Leadership Network blog:

Being a leader of a rapidly growing church requires a keen sense of discernment to ensure its health and continued vitality. Increasing numbers can serve as a false sense of stability, while systems, structures, and staff suffer under the strain of fast-paced change. The outcome can be much like the shock of biting into a perfect looking apple only to come away with a mouth full of wax.


If you grew up in the 70’s or early 80’s, you likely had a bowl of wax fruit displayed somewhere in your home. Even if you didn’t, you know what I’m talking about: fresh, crisp, and polished-looking on the outside, but a hard, flavorless, synthetic mass on the inside. The fruit looks good (perhaps even convincing enough to fool and unsuspecting relative or guest), but on the inside its just wrong—fake.


Some leaders can relate their church’s growth situation to a bowl of fake fruit. Like the fruit, the external look of the ministry could easily fool someone into thinking all is well on the inside…


You can read the entire post here.




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