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Posted by on Feb 6, 2013 in Blog | 2 comments

Beyond the Advocare Challenge – 1 Week Follow Up

Beyond the Advocare Challenge – 1 Week Follow Up

Now that the Challenge Is Over…

I thought I would throw in a follow up post now that I am one week beyond the Advocare 24-Day Challenge.  I wanted to give those of you who have been following along, either through the blog or Facebook, an update, and I also wanted to test a couple of things I was ‘curious’ about after leaving the Challenge regimen behind.

I’ve used several different brands of weight loss supplements/programs over the years: Herbalife, Beachbody, Standard Process and the like, as well as some off the shelf stuff, too.  I’ve seen some results with many of them, but I’m always a bit skeptical of a couple of things:

  1. I will gain the weight back once I’m off the program.  Short-term weight loss is great, but if it doesn’t set you up for long-term success, you’ve essentially wasted time and money.  So, throughout the challenge, one of the thoughts stuck in the back of my mind has been, “How much will I gain back in the weeks that follow?”
  2. Some or much of the weight loss I experience will be lean muscle mass.  There’s always a risk of losing lean muscle when going on a cleanse/weight loss program.  Once again, my skeptical/realist (however you want to label it) mind has been thinking, “How much lean mass will I be sacrificing to ‘lose weight’.

So, to quell these anxious thoughts, or prove the little demons right, I set out to do some measuring and calculating one week post-Challenge.  What did I find?

Am I Still Losing?

In the last week since ending the Challenge, I lost another pound!  Not the 2-3 pound per week loss I experienced during the Challenge, but the numbers are still moving in the right direction.  Normal, healthy weight loss is 1-2 pounds per week, so I’m still on track.  Also, I plan to focus more on building some lean mass than stripping away fat in the weeks ahead.  Therefore I anticipate that the pound loss will slow, but the body fat loss (hopefully) will continue.

Speaking of body fat, I went into the gym today to get a follow up body fat measurement.  If you recall, I started the year at 21.8% body fat.  My ultimate goal by mid-May is to get below 15%.  This, by the way, would mark the first time I’ve ever measured below 15% body fat.  Ever.  I can think of one or two times in my life when I was probably just below 15%, but I never had it measured.

My current body fat percentage?  16.85%  Woohoo!  Two percent more and I’ve reached my goal.  Realistically, it will probably take me all of the next 3 months to get there, but I’m ok with that.

Now, what about the whole lean muscle loss issue?  Well, if I did my math right, my beginning numbers looked like this:

  • 207.8 lbs
  • 21.8% body fat
  • 45.3 lbs of fat
  • 162.5 lbs of lean tissue

Now let’s compare that to my current numbers:

  • 195.6 lbs
  • 16.85% body fat
  • 32.96 lbs of fat
  • 162.64 lbs of lean tissue

Awesome!  Essentially I maintained all my lean body mass (gained .14 pounds of muscle if you want to get picky) while losing 12.34 pounds of fat.  Not too shabby!  That should put the boo birds in my brain to roost, at least for now.  And that, my friends, makes me happy, happy, happy.

What About You?

Now its your turn to chime in.  What are you doing this year to improve your health?  What’s working?  What isn’t?  How can I help and encourage you on your journey?  Thank you for being a part of mine.  Just knowing that you’re ‘leaning in’ will continue to help me toward my goals.

On to the Spartan Sprint!


  1. So very proud of you!! Wow, 16.85%!! My life is so busy right now that I haven’t made time to run. So you could help me by asking if I’ve run lately. Just need to be accountable to someone. My stress level is making me gain weight. Thanks for being such a good example of striving toward a healthy lifestyle.

    • I’d be honored to, Jill! When is your next opportunity to run? Saturday?