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Posted by on Oct 14, 2011 in Blog |

Big Issues in University Ministry

Big Issues in University Ministry

An element that came out of day two of the University Ministry Leadership Community was a list of key issues that are central to this ministry. One of the biggest hurdles to effective, sustainable university ministry is the transient nature of the environment. Imagine having an 80% turnover in your entire organization or church every four years–staff, volunteers, target audience. That is part of the normal landscape of university ministry, regardless of the model being employed. The leaders here frequently referred to trying to hit the “moving target” in university ministry.

Other issues uncovered included:

  • Leadership Development
  • Ministry Structure
  • Turning Altruism into Kingdom Impact
  • Resource Development

What are the key issues facing your ministry or organization? How do you continue to innovate and develop solutions for the obstacles and opportunities you face?