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Posted by on Feb 21, 2012 in Small Group Resources |

Change, Who Me? Listen!

Change, Who Me? Listen!

I am a talker, an otter, a conference speaker, a coach, a father, a husband, a man.  With all of that comes the need/desire to talk, to advise, to suggest, to instruct, to speak, to challenge.  But inside of each of these categories is the need to listen.  In Matthew 4:19 Jesus clearly defines a disciple:

Follow me...totally submit to his leadership, not just ‘get saved’ but letting him continually lead us.

I will make you…his intention from the very beginning was to change us, no matter how “good” we were to begin with, he knows he will be changing us.

Fishers of Men…taking on his mission as our own.

In our disciple group we discussed this verse very personally.  Each of us had to tell what has changed in our life since becoming a Christ-follower.  That was rather easy.  But then we had to answer “What needs to change?”  This is where it got personal, because we can share in a bragging way what God had already changed showing his leadership, Lordship, and success in changing our old nature.  But to share what needed to still change confessed that we had not totally allowed Jesus to be the Lord of every aspect of our life.

For me, the glaring area that God was showing me was to listen.  In all my personality and roles I was designed to speak.  Yet he, who made me and gave me these traits and personality, was showing his desire to be Lord over those traits even more.  To listen meant that I had to begin to watch for him at work in a different way.  Somewhat like Moses and the burning bush, God would begin to show me if I would just listen.

The following Sunday I really focused on listening, especially between services where I normally do a lot of talking.  Three individuals with three very different stories showed me what can happen when I listen. A divorce, a need for encouragement, and a serious addiction all surfaced because I took the extra time to listen.

What is Jesus pointing at in your life when he says “I will make you…?”