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Posted by on Jan 27, 2011 in Blog |

Coaches: Spiritual Formation

In a recent blog post, small groups guru, Mark Howell  stated that “One of the most important trends in small group ministry is the way spiritual formation practices are being integrated into small group curriculum.”  From simple questions to experiential assignments to robust online tools, resource publishers are helping group leaders walk alongside group members as they establish spiritual formation pathways for their lives. 

As a coach, you can assist leaders in encouraging growth among group members.  I believe this is critical to the mission of this ministry to “help members and guests Grow in Christ as we study, share, and serve together in deep relationships”.  Our aim is to create environments where growth, spiritual formation, can take root in the lives of our members and guests.  But sometimes this emphasis can get lost as leaders juggle the logistics of gathering a group each week.  Pray about how God can use you to help our Group leaders keep spiritual formation–changed lives–in focus this year.

You can read Mark’s original post “Integrating Spiritual Formation Practices into Group Life”.  He list some great resources to check out as well.