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Posted by on Oct 1, 2012 in Small Group Resources |

Emotional Sensitivity

Emotional Sensitivity


In our newest Assessment Pack, you’ll learn whether your group is building accountability. Included are seven assessments for you to evaluate the group and three assessments to give to group members for self-assessment. You’ll discover if your group members are deepening relationships with one another, if you’ve created a safe environment for accountability, if you’re listening well to your group members, and more.

Mark Bonham explains that it’s very important for you and your group members to be emotionally sensitive in order to create an environment safe for accountability. Here’s a short excerpt from his assessment.

Do you show sensitivity when you respond to group members? Rate yourself between one and five (1=Never True, 3=Sometimes True, 5=Always true).

____I don’t jump to advice-giving.

____I give the sharer space and time to find his or her own answers.

____I never push into others’ stories when it’s clearly unwanted.

____I share by using “I” statements and without placing blame.

____I don’t minimize hurts by explaining them away or ignoring them.

____I uphold confidentiality.

Check out the full Assessment Pack today and learn whether you’re building accountability in your group.