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Posted by on Mar 22, 2012 in Blog |

Family Ministry Innovations | Family Ministry InnovationLab

Family Ministry Innovations | Family Ministry InnovationLab

One of the things we discussed in the Family Ministry InnovationLab last week at Leadership Network was how churches can continue to innovate in Family Ministry.  As our InnovationLab came to a close, the Director, Sherry Surratt, did a great job of helping the teams think through how they can continue to develop their programs and be innovative when it comes to serving families.  In the words of the old proverb, we don’t want to just give these teams a fish, we want to teach them to fish.

One of the pieces of feedback we received in regards to the innovation process in general was this:

We’ve grown because we no longer fear change, but see the fun in it. We have more confidence because we made big changes during this last year and now know we can do it again. We FEEL more innovative because of this process, and our actions are following.

To be innovative in anything, developing confidence is key.  Innovation involves risk, and it is common to see churches (and other organizations) begin down a new path only to turn back because they lack the confidence to see their innovative initiatives through.  And as these teams articulated, one of the best ways to gain confidence is simply to get in and do it.  Once you navigate change successfully, it gives you the confidence to it again.  And when you fail (and you will), use it as an opportunity to learn from your failures in order to make your next effort better.  Don’t let failure become a roadblock to innovation.

As we questioned these teams on how they plan to approach innovation for Family Ministry in the future, they mentioed several things, including:

  • Restructuring their ministry structure and office space
  • Conducting all-staff meetings different to allow for integration and idea sharing
  • Setting up accountability with a pastor on our staff outside of our department so that the best ideas get implemented
  • Utilizing tools, such as the InnovationLab Think!Pack, to promote creative thinking and the development of new ideas

Whatever you do to encourage innovation in your church or ministry, it takes intentionality, planning, and accountability.  Innovation won’t happen on its own.

What about you?  How are you thinking differently when it comes to your ministry?  What are you doing to ensure that fresh ideas are consistently allowed into the room?

Share your thoughts.

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