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Posted by on Jun 6, 2013 in Blog, Kingdom, Small Group Resources |

Get More People Connected in Small Groups

Get More People Connected in Small Groups


Our new resource, Market Your Small-Group Ministry, is already extremely popular, and there’s good reason why. As a former small-group director, I know just how hard it can be to get people into groups. And it’s not just a one-time issue. Instead, it’s something that you must continually do, considering new ways to market your ministry.

I can still remember being at the beginning of a new season of small groups one fall when I realized my marketing plan wasn’t going so well. We’d had an announcement in our church bulletin for weeks, a special slide for Sunday mornings, several in-person announcements from stage, some moving stories about why small groups are important, and a church-wide e-mail—all to announce the start of small groups, urging everyone to sign up.

Even with all that, a few weeks later a woman came to me asking when small groups were starting because she wanted to get involved. My heart sank. How in the world did she miss the message?

I know I’m not the only one who’s experienced something like that, and that’s why we made this incredible resource. Hear from small-group experts Steve Gladen, Bill Search, Carter Moss, Mike Mack, Ben Reed, Will Johnston, and more. Learn how to communicate well and get more people into groups from people who have served as small-group directors, champions, and pastors.

One tip I found especially helpful comes from Will Johnston’s article. He says that it’s critical to identify the influencers in your church and get them on board with the small-group ministry. He writes:

To create a small-group culture, you have to get these influential people on board. Once they’re on board, others will follow their lead. And you do that through telling stories, too. If the influencers in your church are excited about groups, they’ll join them, talk about them from the stage, recommend groups to new people, and spend extra time supporting and encouraging group leaders. The more you can get people talking about them—and not just during a sermon or sermon series on small groups—the better. As more and more people champion small groups, be sure to celebrate and thank them for their support.

Read the rest of his article and the wisdom from an array of small-group experts in our resource Market Your Small-Group Ministry.