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Posted by on Oct 11, 2010 in Blog |

Go and Serve Sunday – November 7

If you weren’t here two years ago for our first ever “Go and Serve Sunday” you really missed out on a phenomenal service event.  More than 200 of our members worshiped, served, and celebrated together as a natural outcome of our growth in Christ.  Through various projects we were able to be a blessing to those with physical, financial, emotional, spiritual, and relational challenges.

Go and Serve Sunday is back for 2010.  On November 7th, our members will have the opportunity once again to move from a church service to being a church of service.  And this year, our small groups will be a big part of this.  If you watched the clip from Eric Swanson regarding externally-focused small groups, you heard Eric say:

“Good friends help turn good intentions into good deeds, which create good will and create a good platform to share the good news.”

Think about that for a moment.  The people in your group want to make a difference.  They want to impact the world for Christ.  They have good intentions of doing so.  But most people will never act on those intentions alone.  However, if your group–if their “good friends”–join together to serve, those good intentions can be turned into good deeds.

As Go and Serve Sunday approaches, talk with your group about it.  Better yet, plan together what you will do on that day.  Plan now to dismiss your group meeting for that week so that everyone can make room to worship, serve, and celebrate together on that day.