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Posted by on Jan 19, 2012 in Small Group Resources |

Guess Who’s Coming to Small Group?

Guess Who’s Coming to Small Group?


You’re getting ready for your couples’ small group, and you’re excited: you have a new couple joining you tonight. In his e-mail, Jacob was very happy to have found a group that both he and his wife could attend. They’re a new couple to the church, and you’re excited that they’ve decided to get plugged in.

When Jacob and his wife, Rachel, arrive, you can tell there’s something a little off. Rachel seems very uncomfortable, and she quietly says hello only when others initiate conversation. Nevertheless, you decide to proceed with group as usual so they can get an accurate taste of what happens at each meeting.

You start the group with check-in time, where couples share a high moment and a low or learning moment from the week. As the couples share, you can’t help but notice Jacob and Rachel whispering and getting into a bit of an argument. When it’s their turn to share, you find out why.

“Well, the high moment,” Jacob starts,” was our anniversary dinner at a lovely Italian restaurant this weekend. We’re celebrating nine years together.”

“I was able to get chicken limone—my favorite,” Rachel chimes in with a slight smile.

“The low moment, though,” Jacob continues,” is up for debate. I believe it was when Rachel’s father, Laban, called repeatedly asking me to help out with some projects around the house. He calls all the time and demands I do free work for him—even though I told him I couldn’t help him anymore after we finished the patio last summer.”

Rachel looks irritated. “And I believe the low point was when Jacob left the dinner dishes in the sink all night. They were really difficult to clean the next day. I mean, who cares if my dad wants your help? He’s my father after all.”

One of the women in the group gently asks, “Have these requests for help been a pattern in your married life?”

“Oh, long before we were ever married. He has always wanted me to do his work for him. And even when he says he’ll compensate me, he never gives me exactly what he promised. I’ve been working for years for Laban, and I’m beginning to think he’s taking advantage of me.”

How would you respond to Jacob and Rachel?

Who knew one of the Bible’s greatest couples would have so much in-law drama to share at small group? Find their full story in Genesis, beginning in chapter 25.