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Posted by on Feb 1, 2012 in Blog |

How Are You Equipping Your Parents?

How Are You Equipping Your Parents?

This Sunday our preaching minister, Doug Peters, continued his series on Urban Legends by focusing on parenthood and an oft-quoted bit of wisdom from Proverbs 22.  Doug debunked the myth of the perfect parent by pointing out that children do sometimes stray from the way they should go, regardless of how well their parents “train them up”.  It was a fitting message as we began the service with our annual Celebration of New Life blessing and prayer.  You can listen to the message on the media center of the North Davis website.

Personally, the message challenged me as a dad to be sure I’m doing all that I can to point my kids toward Christ.  I’ve already identified some things I want to incorporate into our family routine beginning next week.  But it also reminded me that churches need to be faithful and intentional partners with parents to effectively equip them to be the primary spiritual caregivers of their children.  We must avoid the extremes of, on the one hand, allowing parents to abdicate the responsibility of spiritually forming their children by becoming dependent upon church activities, and, on the other, offering nothing of value to parents beyond a Bible class and children’s hour.

I would love to hear what you are doing to walk alongside parents and equip them for the role God has given them.  Share your thoughts, ideas, and successes regarding your ministry to parents.