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Posted by on Feb 16, 2012 in Small Group Resources |

How to Help the “Called”

How to Help the “Called”

What doses ‘called’ mean?

We were having breakfast discussing his small group when he made a strong statement. He had every reason to feel good about his small group.  The weekly communication report often had a story of life change, of someone stepping up to serve, offer to lead, fix a meal, making a commitment to the group-their family-Christ. But he was holding back in our conversation. I could tell something was bugging him
Then he made this statement, “I think I may be called to full-time vocational ministry.”
That is a phrase that I am excited to say I have heard more than once recently.  It is a confusing statement when you make it for the first time, not really knowing what “called” means or implies for your future.

We discussed why he felt that way.  I also shared from some of his recent reports stories that reinforced his thought and the need to take the next step toward full time ministry.
Then we began to discuss strategy for the next steps he needs to take on this journey.

First, was to read Jeff Iorg’s book Is God Calling Me?: Answering the Question Every Leader Believer Asks  Jeff defines ‘called’ and helps the reader know how to discern ministry as well as recognize ministry roles in which you are already serving.

The second book is Mentor: How Along-the-Way Discipleship Will Change Your Life by Chuck Lawless.  Chuck helps you identify people in your life that helped you become who you are today.  Then he walks you through opportunities to be mentored and mentor others.

These two books and weekly or monthly meetings to discuss the next steps and the discoveries from God using these two books have helped people with whom I am meeting/walking.  The call to vocational ministry is never easy.  But with resources and relationships, it can be fun and stretch our faith.

Who are you mentoring or walking with through the call to vocational ministry?