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Posted by on Jun 12, 2014 in Small Group Resources |

I am a Small Group Leader: Seasons

I am a Small Group Leader: Seasons

My wife and I started our group 4 years ago. We had lots of expectations and hope that God would speak through us and use us to his glory. We started with 4 family’s and lots of kids. Lots!!! As seasons changed so did the group. One family left and we picked up 2 more. Through more seasons, I wondered what God was doing and if this group was the right fit and if we were growing spiritually.

Next thing I know we added another entire group. That made 6 family’s including us in our group. It was crazy. Two of the families were from California. It just so happens that my oldest daughter lives in California and that helped open some doors for conversion and broke down some barriers.

Another year went by and a new season for our group.  One family moved back to California and we were down to 5 couples. That’s about the time the doors flow wide open. We were able to do life outside of church and go canoeing or just hang-out with ‘church’ not being the only focus. We also began serving in the homeless ministry, “Room in the Inn” and the “Journey Home Charities”.  We learned “Nothing unites a group like a common enemy or common project.” (see “Common Enemies”)

After another year went by, my wife Brandie and I hit a rough spot in our marriage. God opened my eyes even more and giving up on my selfish ways and striving for more of him. I gave all of it to God and let him lead us. Since then we had a young couple with a passion for kids, leave and start serving in church with the kids ministry. Another couple stepped out of our group and started their own small group, which has added other couples and done well. So then we were down to 3 family’s total.

More quiet than ever, I keep praying for direction and what we could do to continue this journey. The guys began to have lunch together and even attended the Mighty Men Conference. The ladies were connecting during the week as well. Things were going great. We saw God move in our group as I had the honor of  baptizing one of the ladies in our group. From there I thought wow, it’s ‘ok’ to be small.

In January the church launched the sermon & small group series “New.”  I challenged every one in our group about being new this year and how we could grow in our faith. Well things did change. We had another couple called to lead a “New” group. They attended Leadership Camp, wondering if anyone would even join their group.  At GroupLink 2 family’s joined their group and a new group was formed out of our group.

God is amazing in the changes he has done in all of our lives through these seasons. But through group we have not only grown as a family, but as a “Large Faith Family” as well. Now we are back down to 2 couples. The journey continues and what God has in store for the next season, who knows. But for his glory, I know it will be another great year!!