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Posted by on Mar 26, 2012 in Small Group Resources |

Improving Communication

Improving Communication


Effective communication is essential to healthy small-group ministry. And it can be one of the most difficult tasks for small-group ministry leaders. You need to get your senior pastor and other church leaders on board, communicate your vision and purpose to small-group leaders, and communicate the value of small groups to church members. It’s a huge responsibility!

In our most recent resource, Improving Communication for Effective Small-Group Ministry, Spence Shelton explains that clarity is critical, especially when you’re trying to explain the value of small-group ministry. Here’s an excerpt from his article “Get Your Church Leadership On Board.”

I’ve found it easier to get key leaders on board when I am able to communicate the concept of small-group ministry in very clear language. As point people, it is our job to do all of the research, read all of the books, and work through all of the revisions of philosophy and strategy. You should spend time doing that hard work. In fact, this will make you a better leader as well as reinforce the power of your communication to those you want to get on board.

We must then distill our philosophy and strategy into clear language that can be mentally digested in one conversation. This may be hard work, but the payoff is significant. Here are a few of questions you should be able to answer in one short thought, questions that church leaders will ask you.

What is a small group?

Why do we need small groups?

What is your plan for small groups?

What is the first step you need me to take?

Can you answer each of those in a sentence or two? Do your answers get you excited about small groups? If your answers seem long or uninteresting to you, they will definitely feel that way to other church leaders. Try practicing your answers on some friends who will shoot straight about your communication. Do not underestimate the power of clear, compelling communication.

How well are you able to communicate about your small-group ministry? Can you answer these questions in a clear, concise, and compelling way?

To continue reading this article, check out Improving Communication for Effective Small-Group Ministry. And for a sample from this resource, see Instill the Vision in Your Small-Group Leaders.