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Posted by on Sep 20, 2011 in Blog |

Internet Ministries Lab – Day 1

Internet Ministries Lab – Day 1

Day one is behind us at the Internet Ministries Innovation Lab here at Leadership Network in Dallas, TX. Four church teams are participating in this Lab: Christ Fellowship from Palm Garden Beach, FL; Lake Point Church, the local bunch from Rockwall, TX; Manna Church from Fayetteville, NC, and Seacoast Church from Mt. Pleasant, SC.

A lot of great content was shared yesterday, both from our participating churches, as well from our resource guests, DJ Chaung, “strategist, experimentalist, and ideator” from Orange County, CA, and Vince Marotte, “Superintendent God-botherer at Gateway Church in Austin, TX.

Some of the things that came to the surface right from the start were some of the shared issues these churches (and I’m sure others) are facing in their internet ministries. Some of the key issues include:

  • Live Streaming vs. Simulated Live Services?
  • How do you move beyond attendance online to engagement?
  • How do you use internet church to reach people that are just around the corner (hyper-local community)?
  • What does an online discipleship pipeline look like?
  • How do you filter out the noise once you give everyone voice (including the cat people)?
  • What is success?  Number of followers, friends, or online attendees?

As you think about the online presence of your church or organization, which issues resonate with you?  How are you addressing these issues?  Where are you seeing success?  Where are you stuck?