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Posted by on Jan 3, 2012 in Small Group Resources |

Leader Plans for Fall 2012

Leader Plans for Fall 2012

What is your 2012 plan for your family?  For your career?  For your home?  For your Small Group?

I realize it is January 3, 2012, but the fall is coming.  Fall is a natural growth time for people’s lives, families and careers.  Most of us don’t even think that far ahead, much less plan that far ahead.  Our family has a list of “would you rathers…?” which list all the things we need to fix, buy, do or visit in 2012.  We discussed as a family which ones are needs, priorities or just fun things we want to do in the coming year.  We laughed, argued, debated and even strategized how to accomplish what we would like to see happen in 2012.  I know what your thinking…Eddie made his family do that?  Yea, I am a little OCD.  :-)   But life takes planning…plus I have a high school senior living at my house.

I discovered others plan ahead also.  While having lunch with a Small Group Leader I heard how he had conducted the Small Group Health Survey with his group.  The results helped him know what studies to choose and how to lead the group toward their next step on the Christ Centered Journey.

He has a plan for each potential leader and for each person in his group to help them grow in their relationship with Christ and, at the same time, ask them to help him grow on his journey.

The survey and journey have led him to review the curriculum guide and choose studies that will challenge he and his group in the coming year.  Then for the fall he is planning for his community and several new families to be influenced by his group through service (members using their gifts), through invitation (members will be praying for friends and family through the spring) through new groups (members step out to be leaders in fall campaign) through generosity (group will be sponsoring projects/trips in fall).

What plans do you have for your family? For your career? For your small group?  Now is the time to look into 2012 and discover where God is leading.