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Posted by on Feb 24, 2011 in Blog |

Leaders: Leading as an Introvert

We’re all different. That’s just the way God made us. Some of us are more outgoing and social, others (like me) are more reserved and introspective (surprised?). And as Jerry and Lynn Jones say, “Its not good or bad, right or wrong, its just ‘different’.” The same is true for small group leaders. Most people assume that you have to be an extrovert to be a great small group leader.

Not true.

But leading as in introvert does present some interesting challenges. However, if you’re prepared for them, your leadership can be a blessing, both to you, and to those you lead.

Christianity Today came out with a resource a few years ago for introverted leaders that is packed with articles, personal stories, self-assessments, and great advice. While not everything will apply to you, its well worth looking through.

Download the “Leading as an Introvert” Survival Guide and allow it to bless you, your ministry, and those you lead.