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Posted by on Jan 22, 2014 in Blog, Life |

Let’s Outlaw ‘Average’

Let’s Outlaw ‘Average’

I used to think I was above average in my level of fitness.  I felt like my level of activity and intensity put me somewhere beyond the norm.  That is, until I started CrossFit.  Over the past few weeks I have felt more inferior than average.  And certainly not above.  Getting regularly out-repped (is that a word?) by women and a couple somewhere near 60 will do that to you.

Above average?  Not so much.

What I’ve come to discover is that “average” is an extremely relative point of comparison that ignores a whole host of variables ultimately, I think, to keep us comfortable.  As soon as we start looking average or below, we add qualifiers that help us feel better about how we’re doing.

Average…for someone my age.

Average…when you take into account my family history.

Average…considering my height/weight/genetic profile/metabolism…whatever you choose.

Or we ignore other, perhaps more beneficial benchmarks because they would expose the need for change in us.  And who needs that?

I believe this is true, not just for health and fitness, but for most every area of our lives:

  • Our work.
  • Our relationships.
  • Our finances.
  • Our use of time and talents.

I would suggest we set aside ‘average’, whatever that means.  Let’s find something more meaningful, more inspiring, more challenging to set our sights on.

Who wants to be ‘average’, or slightly above it, anyway?

What are YOU aiming for?

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