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Posted by on Jan 23, 2013 in Blog, Life |

My Advocare Health and Wellness Challenge – Day 16

My Advocare Health and Wellness Challenge – Day 16

Another Day

Well, its hard to believe that 16 days have already passed.  As I write this I’m already into day 17 with just over a week left to go.  I look forward to reaching the end of the challenge and measuring the results.  I almost typed “seeing the results”, but I can already see them.  I can certainly feel them.  But I’m holding off till the final measurements to see just how far I’ve come.  But I must say, from what I can see and feel so far, its pretty impressive what changes can be made in a healthy way in only 24 days.

But, as a friend pointed out last night, it really isn’t about the 24 days.  The Challenge serves to establish new habits, to form a new foundation for the weeks, months and years ahead.  And as I mentioned in my introductory post, that’s really what this is all about.  But often we need a ‘jumpstart’, a bit of a boost to get us going in the right direction.  The Challenge is providing this for me, and its exciting.  If you’re out there with a desire to establish a balanced, healthy lifestyle, this could be a great opportunity for you.  So often we get stuck in “I can’t”, when all we need is the right circumstances to remind us just how much we can do.

Think about it.

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