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Posted by on Jan 24, 2013 in Blog, Life |

My Advocare Health and Wellness Challenge – Day 17

My Advocare Health and Wellness Challenge – Day 17

Let the Countdown Begin!

The end of day 17 marks the beginning of the final week of The 24 Day Challenge.  One week to go!  The time has really flown by and I am looking forward to the end of the Challenge, mainly for two reasons:

  1. To measure the impact 24 days can make.  I can already feel and see results.  After one more week, I look forward to putting “before” and “after” side-by-side to give some quantitative comparison.
  2. To begin the new normal.  As I’ve said from the beginning, the Challenge for us has been more about a jumpstart into balanced, healthy living than a weight loss quick-fix.  I look forward to maintaining a lifestyle that is more in line with how our bodies were designed to function rather than settling for something less.

So here we go, the last seven days of the Challenge.  The end is in sight.  And so is a new beginning.  Bring it on!

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