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Posted by on Jan 28, 2013 in Blog, Life |

My Advocare Health and Wellness Challenge – Day 21

My Advocare Health and Wellness Challenge – Day 21

A Day of Energy

Yesterday marked today 21 of my 24-Day Challenge. Only three days left!  Thinking back over the weekend, I was reminded of just how much I’ve enjoyed the increased energy over the last 21 days.  Saturday was an extremely busy day, starting off with early-morning karate for me and my son, followed by an all-day choir cluster rehearsal and concert for our daughter, along with basketball pictures and a basketball game sandwiched in the middle.  That doesn’t include the work around the house that was crammed in during the moments we were at home.  After a dinner out in celebration of the day, we finally got home about 7:30 PM.  Before the challenge, a day like that would’ve completely wiped us out.  But my energy stayed up and I felt great all day long.  On top of that, on Sunday afternoon I was able to do another 4 1/2 mile run after battling squirrels in the attic (a whole different story) and felt energized all the way through.  I really love the energy and look forward to seeing what the final result will be after just three more days!

One other quick note from Sunday.  As I was scanning the closet trying to decide what to wear, I came across a pair of “skinny jeans” (not the kind they sell these days, but the ones I bought during a time where there was less of me) and thought, “Hmmm, I wonder…”  Well, I pulled them on and they fit with room to spare.  Guess I’ll need to start calling them just “jeans” now.

That’s nice.

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