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Posted by on Jan 10, 2013 in Blog, Life |

My Advocare Health and Wellness Challenge – Day 4

My Advocare Health and Wellness Challenge – Day 4

A Day of No Fiber Drink!

Ah…my first morning without the dreaded fiber drink.  If I could dance, I would have.  The routine today was very standard, with the exception that we shifted away from fiber and onto a little probiotic restore (2 extremely small pills).  So, by 6:30 AM, it was already a good day.  And not long after, a bright, shiny orb began to rise to the east.  Yes, a good day indeed.

There really isn’t much to report about today.  I know, I know, I said that yesterday and then wrote a short story.  But today was just a really good day.  I did a little running to start off and felt amazing all morning.  Energy was way up, focus was good.  I did forgot my optional Spark drink in the afternoon, and I could certainly tell the difference.  I decided to go ahead and Spark at 5:30 because of a new activity I’ve added to my routine (karate with my son), and so far I’m glad that I did.  Now we’ll see if I can get to sleep! 🙂

Loving the Autopilot

I had lunch today with a friend (grilled chicken, salad, nuts, seeds, and cranberries at Jason’s Deli) who is working on some weight loss goals as well.  He’s doing a lot of calorie counting to make progress on his goal, which, as I mentioned before, I believe is important for experiencing and measuring success.  I’ve done that in the past and that is when I have been most successful.  And if you’re a smartphone user, there are some great apps out there to help with calorie tracking.  But what’s great about The Challenge is that all you do is follow the script.  No calorie counting, no guessing.  Its like being on autopilot.  I think that is an important thing for starting something new.  Once the challenge is over, however, I’ll do some calorie counting to keep on track.  But its really nice to not have to think too much in the beginning.

Join Us!  Choose the Challenge!

OK, time for a little full disclosure.  When we ordered our challenge kits, we opted to go ahead and sign up as distributors.  The discount we received allowed us to pay only a few dollars for the membership.  Our thinking: “If this works well for us and others are interested, we want to be able to help them out.”  No plans for a side business here.  But if you do want to “Choose the Challenge” or you are interested in trying any Advocare products, we’d be glad to help.  Just click the banner above.  That’s about as much of a sales pitch as you’ll get over the next 20 days.