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Posted by on Jan 11, 2013 in Blog, Life |

My Advocare Health and Wellness Challenge – Day 5

My Advocare Health and Wellness Challenge – Day 5

A Day of Sunshine!

In case you were wondering, I did get to sleep last night.  I was a little worried that my late afternoon Spark might just keep me up a bit, but I had no troubles fading off to dreamland.  I made sure not to forget my second Spark earlier in the afternoon, and it made a huge difference in how I felt for those last two hours of the workday.  No yawnings, no sluggishness, plenty of energy to focus and finish strong. Looks like I may be a 2-a-day Sparker.

I did observe that, at least in the afternoon, Spark seems to keep my energy up for about 2.5 hours.  About 5:30 I did begin to feel a little tired.  Certainly not a crash, but less energetic.  As I type this out at 9:15, I feel good.  Energy level is still high, and I’m ready for a little late night entertainment.  Not too late, however.  The boy and I do have our second karate class in the morning.

Speaking of karate, if you’re in the south Arlington area, you really should check out the program at Lake Arlington Baptist Karate Academy.  Its FREE!  You have to buy your gi (uniform) and pay for belts and tournaments, should you choose to participate.  But there is absolutely no monthly fee.  And the place was packed Thursday night, which says good things about the program.  Should be fun!  Oh, and if FREE isn’t good enough, the instructors name is Master Boozer!  How cool is that?

My first class did teach me that I am not as coordinated as I might have thought.  Time to train the muscle memory!

All in all, today was great.  Having the warmer temperatures and another day of sunshine only added to the mood.  Physically I have felt great.  I did notice a little more “cleansing” activity taking place throughout the day, but I won’t go into that.

Observations from Day 5

Just a few observations from today:

  • You do need to take the workouts lightly during the cleanse phase.  One of the reasons I go to the gym is that it pushes me.  When I get in there with other folks sweating it out and working hard (especially the poor people who pay a trainer to torture them!), it motivates me to push harder myself.  Not such a good idea in this phase.  Later on I can add some additional nutrients, protein, etc to ramp up the intensity, but I did feel a need to dial it down a couple of times this morning.
  • I did feel a tinge of boredom with the routine today.  That’s on us.  There are certainly plenty of options to mix up the menu and add some variety.  We’ll be playing with some soup recipies and other foods during the second half of this phase, but if you’re not prepared with options, the “sameness” can be a stumbling block.  No problems here, but just part of today’s experience.
  • There are good options at restaurants to keep you on track.  Because most restaurants publish their nutritional data online these days, it isn’t at all difficult to find some really good entrees (mainly salads) that fit the regimen.  I had another great salad tonight that nipped my food boredom in the bud.  And, as a family, we got out for what we would have paid at McDonalds, but only with half the calories!

Mentioning trainers before did remind me that I did get my body fat measured and it wasn’t near as bad as I had thought.  I started this journey at 21.8% body fat.  That is near the high end of the “acceptable” range for a guy my age, but I’ve never been satisfied with acceptable.  Plus, its only 1.2% away from unhealthy.  My goal is to get below 15% by May 18th (I’ll explain why that date is significant in a later post).  I don’t know what is reasonable to expect by the end of the 24 days, but I would think its possible to get to the 17-18% range.  We’ll see.

I Did Peek

This being the halfway point of the cleanse phase, I just had to look at my numbers today.  I’m happy to say that I’m just over 5 pounds down from Sunday night, with almost an inch gone from my waste and almost two inches from my gut.  That is encouraging!  So, as simple and relatively easy as this cleanse seems, it also appears to be effective.  Let’s keep it rollin’!



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