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Posted by on Jan 30, 2013 in Blog, Life |

My Advocare Health and Wellness Challenge – FINAL DAY!

My Advocare Health and Wellness Challenge – FINAL DAY!

The Last Day

Well, its hard to believe, but today is the final day of the 24-Day Challenge.  The time has really flown!  Think about this: if you had started with me, this would be your last day, too!  🙂  Tonight or first thing in the morning I’ll post the results of the final weigh-in and measurements.  I’ll also post before and after pictures in a separate post, that way you don’t have to look at my shirtless physique unless you really want to.  I anticipate that will be the least viewed post on my blog.  Ha!

Over all this has been a really great experience.  Advocare has done a great job of laying out a simple plan that was easy to follow.  Through a quick calculation, I estimated that the daily cost of the program for me was only about $2/day, when taking into considering meals, vitamins, and other things the program replaced which I would normally have spent money on.  For those that eat out often, buy coffee on a regular basis, etc, it could easily be a break-even or perhaps even a money-saving experience.  Something worth considering.

For me, I think this program has provided several benefits:

  • A jumpstart to weight loss.  We all need a ‘push’ to get started on something like this.  The simplicity of the program provided that for me.
  • A platform for balanced, healthy living.  Spending 24 days on the program has helped to strip away some bad habits, form some new ones, and remind me of the tangible benefits of this kind of lifestyle.
  • An opportunity to reach a goal with my wife.  Not only are we ‘better together’ when taking on a challenge like this together, but doing so gives us a great opportunity to better one another and see each other succeed.
  • A great feeling of accomplishment.  There are few things more gratifying than reaching an important milestone, especially when you’ve done it in an atmosphere of encouragement and open accountability.  This will serve as a powerful motivator to tackle my next health and wellness goals.  As they say (whoever they are), “Success breeds success.”
  • A chance to feel great!  My energy has been higher, my breathing feels fuller, I have experienced real satisfaction through this–who wouldn’t want that?
  • A needed perspective on things I’ve settled for.  When you take the opportunity to step away from something you’ve been living in for a while, it gives you a chance to evaluate.  I realize that I’ve compromised my health and well being by taking shortcuts, and I’ve used excuses and justification to make it ‘okay’.  Not going to do that any more.  If for no other reason, the people that are important to me deserve better.

Those are just some quick, initial reflections on the experience.  I’m sure I’ll have more in the days to come.  Until then, look forward to a couple of “Big Reveal” posts.  Should be fun!

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