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Posted by on Oct 15, 2013 in Blog, Kingdom, Small Group Resources |

My Small Group Is Better Than Yours!

My Small Group Is Better Than Yours!


Last night at my small group, one of the group members said we should each go around the group and say one thing we appreciate about our group. We’d been off for two weeks, and everyone was overjoyed to be back together. As we went around the circle, people shared that they loved the in-depth study, the laughter, the prayer time, and having a place to share and ask questions and know that you won’t be judged.

Recently, featured an article called “My Small Group Is Better than Yours!” It’s got a catchy title, but it also features meaningful stories of why people love their small groups. We asked friends of through e-mail, Facebook, and Twitter, to share the things that make their group so great, and we got great responses.

In all, the article shares 13 stories from 6 different states (plus, Washington, D.C.) and 3 different countries. There are stories of powerful prayer, helping adults with special needs, cooking groups, studying classic Christian books, accountability, group discernment, multigenerational groups, serving one another, family support, missional living, career building, and even exercise groups.

God is working in so many ways around the world through small groups. The variety of healthy groups is astounding, and it’s definitely worth celebrating.

But we’re not done yet. We want to hear your story. What makes your group great? Why do you keep going week after week? Share your story with us below.