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Posted by on Dec 10, 2013 in Blog, Kingdom |

New Multisite Church Survey Findings to Be Released Soon!

New Multisite Church Survey Findings to Be Released Soon!

My colleagues at Leadership Network have been conducting a new, worldwide survey of multisite churches this fall.  The data has been collected, the numbers are being crunched, and the findings will be formally released throughout the month of February.  Our Director of Research, Dr. Warren Bird, just published a brief overview in the latest edition of LN Advance.  You can click here to read the entire article Multisite Update: Leadership Network to Unveil Findings from Major Survey.  Here is a quick snippet:

multisite_graphic(3)Here’s an overview of the project:

RESPONSES: We received 535 usable responses, 91% from the United States, and 11 other countries — Canada (19), United Kingdom (15), Australia (7), South Africa (6), other countries (7). My online list of global megachurches and recent Advance article about them affirm that multisite is clearly a worldwide phenomenon.

SIZE: The largest-attendance multisite church to participate reports over 50,000 in weekly worship attendance at all physical campuses combined. The smallest church that said it’s multisite has a combined total of 80 (it was a church of 50 that added a second campus from a church that was about to close). The median weekend worship attendance of all churches responding is 1,900. But 11% of the responses are under 500 in attendance, which affirms developments in “smaller” multisite churches. Also 13% are 5,000-9,999 in attendance, and 8% are over 10,000 — part of the widespread trend that the larger the church, the more likely it is to be multisite.

YEARS AS MULTISITE: Many multisite veterans took the survey, the “oldest” having been multisite for 23 years. But an impressive 60% of the survey participants have been multisite less than 5 years. This affirms the newness and youth of the movement. When asked, “How likely are you to launch another campus in the next 12 months,” just over half said yes!

Looking for more multisite resources?  Click below:


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