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Posted by on Jan 26, 2014 in Life |

NFL Blitz Super Bowl Prediction

NFL Blitz Super Bowl Prediction

My son and I played the old N64 NFL Blitz yesterday to predict the winner for next week’s ‘big game’. He choose the Broncos, I took the Seahawks. Here is the breakdown of the action:

1st Quarter:
Broncos 7
Seahawks 7

At the Half:
Broncos 7
Seahawks 14

3rd Quarter:
Broncos 14
Seahawks 14

End of Regulation:
Broncos 21
Seahawks 21

1st Overtime:
Broncos 28
Seahawks 28

Broncos 35
Seahawks 28

The Seahawks had a few chances to win it. But two missed field goals and a second half fumble sealed their fate.

What is your prediction?