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Posted by on Oct 18, 2012 in Small Group Resources |

Not Just for a Few

Not Just for a Few


Sometimes when we hear the word “missional,” we immediately assume it’s for someone else—someone who is gifted in evangelism or someone who has extensive ties to the non-Christian community. But Scott Nelson says that’s not what missional living is about. Instead, every Christian can participate in everyday missional living. We just have to be intentional, looking for ways to be God’s love in the world.

In his article in The Meaning of Missional, Scott shares several stories of average, everyday Christians looking for ordinary ways to impact their communities. One woman joined a local gym and works out with the same, non-Christian women each week. A man spends time playing Uno with a handicapped woman. A high school teacher loves on her students. Family members build deep friendships with their neighbors.

We can all live missionally right where we are—as long as we’re being intentional. Read Scott’s article today. Then share with us below: How you are and your small group seeking to impact your community?