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Posted by on Oct 28, 2010 in Blog |

Open Groups – Part 3: The Open Chair

If you’re just now joining this series of posts on “open” groups, you can catch the last two posts to bring you up to speed:

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Part 3 involves a very simple concept that has been used for years in groups to promote the openness of the group.  Its called “the open chair”.

Nothing complex about it.  To promote and remind group members of the value of inviting others in, designate a symbolic open chair each week.  Make reference to the chair during and as you close your meeting time.  You could say something like, “Who can we invite to fill this chair next week,” or “Let’s be in prayer this week that God would bring someone into our group to fill this chair.

The ‘open chair’ is a great, weekly reminder of the fact that the group is never closed.