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7 Deadly Assumptions #3: Confirmation Bias – Leadership Network Blog

Posted by on Jun 17, 2015 in Blog, Kingdom |

“We don’t believe the world we see; we see the world we believe.” In the blockbuster movie, The Matrix, there is a pivotal scene where the Judas figure, Cypher, betrays his cohort of rebels in favor of a more comfortable ‘reality’.  If you haven’t seen the film, “the Matrix” is a virtual reality created by an advanced artificial intelligence.  Machines that are a part of this system have usurped human dominion, plugging everyone into their giant network to keep them alive but in the dark.  The virtual world is managed by “agents” who, because they are manifestations of the AI within the network, possess super-human abilities that make them virtually...

7 Deadly Assumptions #2: Framing – Leadership Network Blog

Posted by on Jun 15, 2015 in Blog, Kingdom |

At some point in time you’ve probably played a version of a game called “The Back-to-Back Game” (not a very clever title, I’ll admit).  It begins by participants pairing up and standing in front of their partner.  Pairs are given 60 seconds to observe their partner’s appearance, trying to develop a mental picture of each and every detail.  Then the pairs are instructed to stand back-to-back and change 5 things about their appearance without their partner’s knowledge.  After another minute, the pairs face one another again and try to pick out each of the changes that were made.  There is chuckling and general merriment from participants, with the exception...

7 Deadly Assumptions – Leadership Network Blog

Posted by on Jun 8, 2015 in Blog, Kingdom |

This is another series I’ve been working on for the Leadership Network blog.  I’ve enjoyed rehashing some thoughts on leadership and strategic thinking.  Would love your comments on these.  Enjoy! The Ladder of Inference Have you ever been cut off in traffic? If you’re anything like me, just reading that first sentence can set your emotions to a slow boil. When you get cut off, lose your parking spot, or fall victim to some other blatant traffic injustice, a sequence of steps begin to unfold in your mind, like the slow unwrapping of an unwelcomed gift, that move you from observable fact to belief-based response in an instance. And...