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Posted by on May 17, 2013 in Blog, Kingdom, Small Group Resources |

Practical Discussions that Lead to Life Change

Practical Discussions that Lead to Life Change


My women’s small group finished up our study of James last week, and I’m surprised by how much each of us learned from this practical book. I’ve studied James several times with other small groups, and I’ve read it for myself countless times. Yet each time I study this book, God brings me new insights. Each of us is walking away with a specific challenge to live in ways that glorify God.

My favorite part about this study is that it was based on great discussions. I created some questions to work through each meeting, and we allowed these questions to spark discussion. Our discussions always led to great insights and challenges for how we are living. They led us to see where we needed to grow and change, and they gave us specific ideas on how to make that happen.

So what do you study with your group? Do you use curriculum? Do you simply ask questions like I did? Do you talk about your church’s sermon series? Share what and how you study with us below.

Need ideas for your next study? Read the comments and check out our resource Find the Right Study for Your Group.