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Posted by on Apr 22, 2013 in Blog, Life |

Report: Bulletproof Coffee Test

Report: Bulletproof Coffee Test

Upgraded Coffee Beans - Bulletproof ExecutiveA few days ago I posted that I would be trying out “bulletproof coffee” along with intermittent fasting as recommended by the website Bulletproof Executive.  The claim is that this “upgraded” coffee, combined with organic, whole fat butter and MCT oil, will provide a powerful start to your day, increasing your focus, energy, mental function, and fat-burning capacity, keeping you satisfied from the morning until mid-afternoon.  After searching around to get the necessary ingredients, I thought I would give bulletproof coffee a two-day mini trial.  Here’s my report.

The Coffee: 2 Servings with 2 TBS of Kerrygold Butter and 2 TBS of MCT Oil

If you like a good latte, you’ll love bulletproof coffee.  The coffee, butter and MCT oil blended together create a very smooth, latte-like drink that is pleasant without any additives.  I generally like a few ‘extras’ in my coffee, such as sweetener and hazelnut, but it wasn’t bad.  The oil is a non-factor, since it is flavorless.  You do see a little evidence of it along the top, but other than that you don’t even know its there.  With the coffee and a large glass of water, I was ready to begin the day.

The Experience

Besides dealing with skepticism, my mind was trying to prepare for the absence of eating.  Being honest…I love to eat.  I truly enjoy the activity of eating food.  So I knew the hardest part for me was going to be not eating for 6 hours, especially skipping breakfast.  But, it was only two days, so I was confident in my ability to endure.

As I mentioned in the previous post, I wake up hungry.  Every day.  Right away I had to deal with the nagging hunger in the pit of my stomach.  It took 30-45 minutes for the coffee to kick in and provide some some feeling of satisfaction.  But it finally did its thing.  And I didn’t feel hungry until probably 1:45 PM.  Pretty remarkable.  I did have a sense that my stomach was empty, but I never felt hungry.

More important for me was my energy level.  I really put the coffee to the test by keeping up my regular routine.  One day one, this included a 55-minute, gut-torching, calorie-burning, cycle class.  I’ll have to admit I was a bit concerned about this.  One of the things our instructor harps on is the importance of a good breakfast before coming to class.  In fact, she even asked us that day if we had eaten well that morning.  I avoided eye contact.

I intentionally began the class holding back a bit.  I imagined that I would have to deal with queasiness, light-headedness, or fatigue (or all of the above).  The last thing I wanted was to wake up with the class staring down at me because I pushed it too hard.  Much to my surprise, I felt great.  It didn’t take long before my mind kicked things into high gear and I jumped into the class full-on.  I finished feeling fantastic.  And more than a bit impressed.  On day two I kept up my full body circuit routine.  The experience was basically the same as the day before.  I did feel a little gassed at the end of my routine.  But then again, I wasn’t holding back.

Overall the experience was very interesting.  I felt really good throughout the day.  There were no crashes, no unusual dips in energy.  I slept great each night and woke up each morning ready to go.  Then again, it was only two days.  I am interested to know what a week (or two) would be like.  Oh, one more thing.  Over the two days I did lose somewhere between 1.5 and 2 pounds.  Weight loss wasn’t my goal here, but it was fun to see.

The Verdict

I’m curious.  While I don’t expect I would practice the intermittent fasting for long periods of time, I could certainly see the benefit of utilizing the strategy around the holidays or other times when dropping a few pounds would be in order.  I am interested in trying out the coffee for a longer period to see what benefits there might be.  I will likely dive into the “bulletproof diet” for a few weeks as well, just to take it for a spin.  I’ll keep you posted.

One thing I will say is that I want to do more homework on this.  In plodding through The Bulletproof Executive website, I came across an article regarding the use of synthetic supplements, even prescription medications, as a means to ‘get an edge’.  While I’m good with a little natural “biohacking” to maximize nutrient intake for mental and physical performance, I get a bit suspicious of someone who encourages the unnecessary use of engineered drugs for anything beyond their intended purpose.  So, if you choose to check this company out, do so with eyes wide open.  And if you do give them a test drive, I’d love to hear your experience.

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