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Posted by on Sep 24, 2013 in Blog, Life |

Socialize Me!

Socialize Me!

This morning I heard some strange sounds coming from the bathroom as my daughter was preparing for school.  Now, as the father of a near-teen daughter, I’ve come to learn you have to approach situations like this very carefully.  There can be a great deal of emotional fallout if discretion is ignored.  So I led in with a safe question: “Is everything ok in there?”

What I found was that my daughter was brushing her teeth…with a friend…over FaceTime.  Back in the olden days when you had to actually be physically present with someone to in order to hang out, I can’t recall ever brushing my teeth with a friend, at least not as a social engagement.  Perhaps its a ‘girl thing’, which I am forever doomed to misunderstand, or maybe its a sign of our times.  It seems that everything that can be “socialized” through various digital channels will be.  Good or bad, right or wrong, its the world we live in.  One thing it tells me is that there will be some strange days ahead, both in my home and out in the world.

What do you think of our “socialize me” culture?