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Posted by on Apr 3, 2013 in Blog, Life |

Summer Is Coming

Summer Is Coming

April is here, which means that summer break is now less than 10 weeks away.  For some, that represents a light at the end of the proverbial tunnel, a coming respite from toil, a long awaited vacation.  For others, it harkens an end to certain freedoms, an impending absence of peace and tranquility.

For me…hey, its just summer.

Regardless of what summer means to you, many (myself included) begin to think about ‘getting ready’ for summer.  Usually there are some kind of health and fitness related goals associated with these preparations.  This year mine is pretty simple:

Do a little digestive system ‘spring cleaning’.

This has been a great year for me health-wise.  I feel like I’ve been able to achieve and maintain a good, sustainable level of fitness with more consistency than I have in many years.  But even so, since I haven’t gone completely organic and do enjoy occasional moments of nutritional weakness, my system has gotten a little mucked up over the past few months.  So, later this month I’m planning on a 10-day herbal cleanse to ‘reset’ the system and prepare for summer and beyond.  Because of the great results of my cleanse in January, this will be a regular part of my yearly routine.

If you’re thinking about your health and fitness as summer approaches, I’d love to have you join me for a 10-day cleanse.  Of, if you really want to jumpstart better nutrition and a healthy approach to losing weight, go for the 24-Day Challenge.  I highly recommend the investment in your health.  You’ll feel great and be glad you did!