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Posted by on Feb 28, 2014 in Life | 2 comments

Take a Wider View of Things

Take a Wider View of Things

This morning I was working in my office, sifting through emails and papers from the day before, trying to get a handle on the hours ahead.  As it often happens during our roller coaster temperatures through the late Texas ‘winters’, my nose was off and running.  With a narrow field of vision before me (my laptop screen and the immediate periphery) I assessed that a trip to the laundry room was needed to fetch a fresh box of tissues.  Upon returning to the office, I looked up and realized that, not three feet from where I was sitting before, sat a full box of Kleenex.  Just by taking on a new perspective, by widening my view of things, I immediately saw that the solution to my problem had been within arms length all along.

I began to think about my work with teams and how important perspective is.  Too often we take a narrow view of our situations and circumstances (the Heath brothers refer to it as ‘narrow framing’) thereby limiting our creativity, ideas and solutions.  I believe this can apply to all areas of life: personal, relational, professional, physical, and spiritual.  If we would simply pull back and take a wider view of things, many times we would find the answer we need within reach.

Where is a ‘wider view’ needed in your life and work?

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  1. I had some similar thoughts after spending several hours brainstorming in my own head earlier this week. It was good, needful stuff; but I became well-aware of the limitations of the narrow view. Looking forward to looking up and seeing what else is on the horizon (with the help of my team).

    Thanks again for a terrific experience at Leadership Network. It was invaluable!

    • You’re welcome, Beth! It has been a pleasure to serve you and your team!