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Posted by on Dec 23, 2011 in Blog |

Taking On a New Role – Leadership Community Director for Leadership Network

Taking On a New Role – Leadership Community Director for Leadership Network

I’m excited to share that I am taking on a new part-time contract role in 2012-2013.  I will be serving as a Leadership Community Director for Leadership Network in Dallas, TX.  In the coming months I will be interviewing and recruiting leaders for the Rapid Growth Churches Leadership Community that begins in May of this year.

This represents a new chapter in my work with Leadership Network that began over five years ago.  In 2006 I began serving as a Lead Facilitator for Leadership Network’s Leadership Communities and the more recently developed Innovation Labs.   It has been an amazing experience to meet and work with innovative church leaders from around the country, helping them dream big dreams, set daring goals, and develop effective strategies for Kingdom growth.  One of the great things about Leadership Network is their commitment to multiplying the impact of what Kingdom innovators are doing.  Because of this value, many of the key learnings from past Leadership Community and Innovation Lab participants are captured in free online resources or distilled down into books that are sold through LN and its publishing partners.

This new role is also a tremendous opportunity to serve church leaders that are or have recently experienced tremendous growth in their congregations.  This group will represent some of the best minds in our churches today.  Being able to serve them in a way that will help them multiply their efforts is exciting and humbling.  Stay tuned as the journey unfolds!