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Posted by on Apr 21, 2012 in Small Group Resources |

Talked to My Neighbors

Talked to My Neighbors

I have been challenged over the last couple of weeks (80 degrees and sunny, spring time, everyone outside after work, etc) to re-engage with my neighbors.  With baseball every evening it seemed impossible, but the ‘off-day’ of games and practice came and I drove up my street.  Boy, did God open some doors.

My first stop was to meet a man whom I had never met.  I’ve noticed how well he maintains his lawn and thought I’d stop and ask him about it.  We ended up talking about 30 minutes discussing everything from speeding in our neighborhood to how we wanted to add on to our houses.  I found out he does not attend church but travels the world 6 weeks at a time.  He has a unique career that caught my interest.  I left there knowing how to pray for my new friend.

Next stop was to a friends house whom I had not seen in a few weeks.  His garage door was open so I stopped by.  He was getting ready to grill steaks for he and his son.  I stopped and offered to help hoping he would ask me to stick around for supper. :-) In the process of him offering to help me with a project I discovered a prayer need for his family situation.  We talked, laughed, encouraged and planned for the project the next evening.  It was a short conversation, only about 10 minutes total.  But in that short 10 minutes I discovered a specific prayer need of my neighbor.

My third and final stop was to help a neighbor catch his dog and put him on a tether.  He was a quick moving small dog which eluded us a couple of times.  But in the end we caught him and began to chat about neighborhood, life, family, jobs and careers.  He shared the struggle of finances. Not the normal struggle we all have of “too much month at the end of the money.”  His struggle is with the opportunity to make hundreds of thousands of dollars if he just sacrifices his family and leisure time. He is tempted by the chance (as many of us would be) to drastically  increase his income by spending more hours at work…thereby blessing his family with more and bigger ‘toys.’  This 10 minute visit resulted in a more transparent relationship with a friend and a specific prayer need for he and his family.

In one hour I made a new friend and discovered 3 specific prayer requests for three neighbors.  Now that was not a waste of an afternoon!

I have to admit that I was inspired by LifePoint Church current Wednesday night class built around the book  “Making Room for Neighbors” by Randy Frazee and Max Lucado. This class is preparing adults for the summer and opportunities to meet and discover prayer needs of neighbors.

What can you do with an hour this week?  I did not say an extra hour, but maybe delay dinner one evening and use that time to get to know your neighbors.