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Posted by on Feb 10, 2013 in Blog, Life |

Tools for Healthy Living

Tools for Healthy Living

What’s In Your Toolbox?

I’ve found that one of the keys to healthy living is surrounding yourself with good resources and tools. So, I thought I would share one that I’ve gotten a lot of ideas from lately. I would also love to hear where you go for cooking and exercise ideas.

The BuiltLean Blog
I originally came across this blog when looking for some workout ideas a while back. I get tired of the same routine over and over (and your body does, too!), so I began searching for some good resources. Mark Perry is the creator of BuiltLean and brings a wealth of knowledge and experience alone. But Mark has also done a great job of curating a lot of great content through other writers and contributors he has brought on the team.

Some of the recipe ideas, especially for snacks and desserts, are just fantastic. We’ve used many of them and are currently playing around with garbanzo bean flour for making pizza crusts, wraps, and other things. Works really well with Italian seasonings. Looking forward to trying some mexican-style seasonings to sub for tortillas in a fajita dinner.

An Observation

Today I observed something ‘new’ regarding the effects of the things you but into your body. Having stayed away from refined sugar as much as possible over the past month or so, I realized yesterday how much more pronounced the spike, and resulting free-fall, of blood sugar that takes place when you take in unnecessary sugar. I had a couple of small helpings of dessert at lunch and dinner. Some very delicious, but high sugar content treats. A short while later I experienced the ‘crash’ of the blood sugar roller coaster in a way I don’t think I ever have before. When you are used to putting a lot of junk in your system, I guess you grow a little desensitized to those effects. But the impact on me today was very evident, and my energy was messed up most of the day. I will be choosing my indulgences a little more wisely from now on!

Don’t forget to share your resources for healthy eating tips, ideas, and recipes in the comments below. Thanks!

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