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Posted by on Jul 1, 2013 in Blog, Kingdom, Small Group Resources |

Top 5 Bible Studies of 2013

Top 5 Bible Studies of 2013


If you come to for our amazing training resources, you might not know that we also offer nearly 300 Bible studies on a number of topics and books of the Bible. Today we’re taking a look at the top five studies so far this year. Whether you like studies on books of the Bible, popular topics, or even based around videos, we’ve got a Bible study for you. Click on the titles below to check them out.

Use Your Spiritual Gifts (5 session study)
Spiritual gifts provide clues to God’s intention for how we should live out our days and affirm the uniqueness of our calling as human instruments of his grace.
By Alexandra Clair Stancil, with JoHannah Reardon

Discover your gifts and your calling in this popular study. Learn why understanding how God made us is the first step in living the life God specifically intends for us.

1 John: Go Deeper in Christ (8 session study)
Life with Christ shouldn’t be shallow.
By Bryan Wilkerson, with JoHannah Reardon

What does it mean when we say we want to “go deeper” in our faith? First John spells out exactly what a deep life with Christ looks like and why really knowing Christ is the most important piece.

A Life of Simplicity (4 session study)
Learn what simplicity looks like and why God calls us to simple lives.
By Carol R. Thiessen, Marshall Shelley, Amy Jackson, and Richard A. Kauffman

In our crazy, frazzled world, it’s no wonder this has been such a popular study. Learn what true simple living looks like and why God calls us to simplicity and contentment. Plus, discover why the advice for simplifying given by popular magazines and websites just won’t cut it.

Francis Chan: Sold Out to Jesus (3 session study)
The surpassing greatness of Christ is worth our everything.
By Francis Chan and JoHannah Reardon

In this Video Bible Study, you can welcome Francis Chan right into your small group. Watch him as he discusses the supremacy of Christ detailed in Philippians 3. When we are consumed by Jesus and Jesus alone, we begin to understand what really matters in life.

Ministering to Those with a Mental Illness (4 session study)
How to help those suffering
By Amy Simpson

Mental illness has been in the press a lot lately, so it makes sense why this Bible study is so popular. You can be sure that it will truly help your group understand how to help because it’s written by Amy Simpson, author of Troubled Minds: Mental Illness and the Church’s Mission.

What’s your favorite Bible study from And what would you like to see a Bible study on? Share with us in the comments below.