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Posted by on Dec 12, 2011 in Small Group Resources |

Top 5 Icebreakers of 2011

Top 5 Icebreakers of 2011


Continuing our reflection on 2011, we’ve identified our top five most viewed icebreakers. Icebreakers include discussion starters and activities that get group members talking. They not only get good conversation going, but also help group members think about the topic for the night. Try these with your small group, and let us know your other favorites from the site.

1. What Does it Mean? by Tami Rudkin
Group members evaluate the meaning of common catchphrases.

2. Recharging by Tami Rudkin
How do you recharge your battery?

3. Faith Walk by Tami Rudkin
What area of your life requires a great deal of faith?

4. Name Your Week by Tami Rudkin
Describe your week using the letters of your first name.

5. Opposites by Tami Rudkin
The group takes turns finding opposites to a specific word until someone is stumped.