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Posted by on Jun 28, 2013 in Small Group Resources |

Top 5 Training Tools of 2013

Top 5 Training Tools of 2013


One of my favorite things about working for is creating Training Tools for small-group leaders and point people. As a former small-group director, I was always searching for expert advice to solve my most pressing needs. And provides these resources at a great price. Our Training Tools mine the experience and wisdom of small-group experts and present it to you in an easy-to-use format that helps you deal with your biggest small-group issues.

Today we’re counting down the top five Training Tools of 2013 so far. They’re all excellent resources that help make your small-group ministry healthy.

Bible Study Methods for Groups
Fresh ideas for digging into God’s Word together
By Justin Marr, Diana Bennett, Michael Mack, and more

You asked for more resources directly related to Bible studies, and we came up with this gem. Learn how to study the Bible in a small group in a way that brings about life change in your group members. Take a look at inductive study, the LeSPA approach, reflective reading, object lessons, and more.

Minister to Multiple Spiritual Maturity Levels
Engage everyone in your group from not-yet believer to mature follower.
By Maegan Hawley, Reid Smith, Rachel Gilmore, and more

In a survey last year, we learned that most of you are leading groups with a mixture of ages and spiritual maturity levels. That’s awesome! But it can also be confusing when you’re trying to reach everyone where they’re at. How do you make the group inviting enough for not-yet believers and challenging enough for mature Christ followers? Find out with this resource.

Empowering Group Members
We can’t force spiritual growth, but we can empower people to take their next spiritual steps.
By Diana Bennett, Alan Danielson, Sam O’Neal, and more

How do you turn a small group into a place where life change occurs? You empower group members to intentionally take spiritual steps. With a devotional, assessments, case studies, and how-to articles, you’ll learn how to help your group members take responsibility and ownership of their own growth. Plus, a retreat plan is included if you want to use this resource as the base of a training event.

Ministering to Difficult Group Members
How to effectively lead a group without letting members’ quirks get you off track
By Sam O’Neal, Margaret Feinberg, Reid Smith, and more

If there’s one question small-group leader consistently ask, it’s how to minister to the difficult people in their group. From the over-talker and the person who never shares to the person giving too much advice or sharing false doctrine, leading a fruitful discussion can be difficult. This resource gives practical tips for working through common group dynamics issues.

Market Your Small-Group Ministry
Communicate about small groups in a clear, compelling way that draws people into groups.
By Steve Gladen, Michael C. Mack, Will Johnston, and more

Although this resource came out only a month ago, it’s already our most popular Training Tool of the year. And that’s because it addresses a huge issue that small-group directors, pastors, and coaches face on a regular basis: communicating about small groups in a way that gets people to join. Learn how to market your ministry with practical advice from small-group experts.

What’s your favorite Training Tool from Share with us in the comments below.